iDeals meeting management software Review

When it comes to board meetings, companies have to prepare carefully for the event, dealing with a lot of paperwork, spending time preparing and organizing. And they also have to work efficiently during the meeting process itself.  Board portals help simplify all your efforts, ensure confidentiality, and automate many processes. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most ambitious providers of board portals, iDeals. This program was created to help organize many business processes and in this article, we will talk about its capabilities as a board portal.

A brief overview of the iDeals board portal

iDeals is a very large company that provides many services that increase business productivity. The iDeals board portal helps board members with organizational issues as well as important decisions and business strategies because it provides all the necessary tools for easy and convenient interaction, document access, and remote use. Download all the documents you need for your board of directors and post a virtual bulletin board. Anyone who has permission to do so can go in and view the necessary document. Robust security features and advanced management capabilities can make your meeting twice as productive and faster.

Key features and benefits of IDeals

Below we outline the main benefits of IDeals and how they can help you during a board meeting:

  • Flexible use of the program – access the space from any device, even your mobile or tablet, so you can have access to information from anywhere with the internet, even on the road
  • Customer support at all hours of the day and night. You can always count on technical support even on weekends, contact us by phone, email, or online chat. The program comes with training on how to use it
  • A large selection of useful collaboration tools. Secure document and messaging, the ability to leave requests, automatic notifications of changes or updates, a calendar, and the ability to conveniently organize and view agendas
  • Quite an attractive price compared to other popular providers, and a wide range of rates
  • A user-friendly and understandable interface, understandable to users with any skills in using new technologies. You can easily adapt and get used to the program within one or two days
  • Board Portal allows you to set up online meetings because it has excellent video conferencing, voting, and polling features. It also saves travel costs if a board member lives too far from the meeting location
  • Archive meetings – after the meeting, all materials will be moved to the program archive for future use. Users will be able to refresh their memory of all the events that took place at the meeting and analyze all the actions taken


IDeals also offers a secure space to upload all of your valuable board data and organize it conveniently. So instead of wasting tons of time preparing for the meeting, your managers and secretaries can focus on more important tasks and their original work.

IDeals and Security

IDeals, like many other companies that respect themselves and your work, make safety a priority. IDeals providers offer their customers security features such as

  • Secure login and dual authentication – the easiest way to get into your system is to crack your password, this whiteboard portal prevents this outcome
  • Secure SSL – the best security certificate available today
  • Digital and electronic signatures
  • Access control of documents – the administrator manually sets access to each document
  • Role-based permissions – each user is assigned a role that defines what permissions and capabilities he has