iBabs portal Review in 2021

iBabs is one of the most trusted and respected board program providers across Europe. That says a lot because European security regulations are the most stringent and demanding in the world. iBabs can be used on any operating system, and deployment options are guaranteed to be flexible and convenient for any customer. In this article, we will take a closer look at iBabs board software, highlighting its main features and characteristics.

Brief description of iBabs

The iBabs board software is a platform that meets all the modern board requirements. Every company has experienced the complexity of preparing and holding a board meeting, but with the help of new technologies traditional meetings are being replaced by more efficient and convenient remote meetings or in-person meetings but with the introduction of advanced board portal technologies.

Now, iBabs is one of the most popular such programs and has a customer base of over 200,000 companies worldwide. The program is constantly evolving and improving its features, thus increasingly gaining the trust of its existing clients and potential users.

If you compare iBabs with other providers, its services can be regarded as more reliable (in some points) and not so expensive. The program helps reduce paperwork, protects against data leaks and helps companies expand their business opportunities.

Main features

iBabs provides a wide range of features that will accompany you and your board of directors not only during the boarding process but also before and after the meeting. The board portal offers features such as:

  • Accessibility to information uploaded to the program space from any device and at any time, from any location, iBabs supports mobile operating systems as well
  • After purchasing the advice portal, you are guaranteed to receive a staff training course, in the form of both individual courses and general webinars
  • Customer support is available during business hours in an online way
  • Access to the space is secure, no unauthorized user can enter the system without proper authorization
  • Manageable calendars for directors -A feature that helps keep everyone organized and automatically notifies board members of deadlines, new projects, and meeting dates
  • Collaboration tools – help you execute common projects remotely in real-time
  • Electronic Signature -This feature is not often seen with board portal providers. However, it is very useful and speeds up transaction processes and project work. Sign deals without leaving your office
  • Meeting minutes – increases productivity during a meeting. Everyone on the board will be able to read the agenda and review it thoroughly before the meeting. If any changes or updates are made to it, all participants are automatically notified to their email. This helps avoid wasting time with unnecessary questions during the meeting, and get straight to the issue at hand
  • Voice and polling functions – each participant can express his opinion, based on all participants’ answers it is possible to make the most correct and constructive decision
  • Price – iBabs offers the best price on the market among famous brands. Starting package of this portal for councils is 10 dollars per month
  • Security – the provider does not disappoint with its protection methods and uses only modern encryption methods and the best security certificates according to European standards
  • Additional security methods – full control of user activity and control of access and interaction with documents